We’ve got them!

The technician shortage is a crisis. But it doesn’t have to be for YOU!

The Greater Pittsburgh Automotive Dealers Association and S/P2 have joined forces to help you recruit and hire the next generation of technicians with the S/P2 Careers system.
What is S/P2 Careers? As part of their online training with S/P2, career tech students post their resumes to S/P2 Careers. Dealers can access those resumes and reach out to entry-level technicians to get them started on a rewarding career. It’s a win-win!

S/P2 works with over 4,000 career tech programs across the country, and has a database of 70,000+ entry-level technicians that are looking for the right first employer…like you!

  • Find, recruit, and hire the entry-level technicians your operation needs.
  • Whether you want full-time, part-time, or apprentices, you can find them all in one place.
  • 500+ candidates within 50 miles of Pittsburgh, 1100+ candidates within 100 miles, and 3500+ candidates across the state.
  • Only $200 per month for unlimited recruiting reach for your facility…20% savings because you’re a GPADA member!
  • Subscriptions are month-to-month…no long-term contracts.

Want to find out how many candidates are in your area? Set up a free demo today, and search your area to see candidate resumes near you. Once you purchase, you can contact those candidates and post your open jobs.

As a GPADA member, you can purchase UNLIMITED ACCESS to S/P2 Careers for just $200/month.