PATA Federal Credit Union

The PATA Federal Credit Union is a member owned, Community Involved, financial cooperative federally chartered in 1986 to serve the financial needs of the members of the Greater Pittsburgh Automobile Dealers Association. All Association members’ employees and their immediate families are eligible for membership. We are governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership to serve on their behalf. The Board meets monthly to review income, expenses, loans, investment policies and to keep rates current and competitive. Credit Unions were originally formed to permit those in a specified field of membership to pool their savings, lend them to one another, and own the organization where they can save, borrow, and obtain financial services. At the PATA FCU we continue to maintain growth, with assets at over $3 Million and more than 1,000 members.


Phone: (412) 963-8081
Fax: (412) 963-6838


207 Sigma Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15238


7:30AM – 3:30PM Monday thru Friday
Closed on Major Holidays

General Information

Membership Fee: $2.00 membership fee (as a member in good standing, family members are also eligible to join)

Deposits: Your saving are federally insured to at least $250,000.00 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government. NCUA (National Credit Union Administration), a U.S. Government Agency

Payroll Deductions: Direct deposit is available.

Withdrawls: Two (2) per month free; $10 charge for each additional withdrawal.

Savings (Share) Accounts: Regular shares, Christmas Club, Vacation Club, and Share Certificate accounts are available; Regular savings account must maintain a minimum balance of $25 with balances under $100 subject to a monthly $2.00 low balance fee. Dividends are paid quarterly and added to your savings account. Withdrawals can be made by calling ahead to (412) 963-8081 or simply stopping in our office at 207 Sigma Drive. Share certificate accounts can be purchased for as little as $500. Terms are from 6-12 months & a deposit of $2,500 for 36 months. Rates are subject to change monthly. Dividends on fixed rate certificates are compounded quarterly.

Loans: Any member who wishes to borrow from the credit union must have a $100 minimum balance in their shares (savings) account. They must have 90 days with their current employer and 6 months continuous employment. Loan applications may be sent through the mail or completed at the credit union office. Loan applicants are reviewed based on credit history, employment history, debt to income ratio, etc. Types of loans available include auto and other type vehicles, home improvement, mobile homes and signature loans as high as $5,000.

Checking: Free checking is offered to members in good standing.

Credit Card: A VISA credit card is available with a 7.99% – 17.99% APR variable rate.

Other available services include: access to consumer information such as NADA book values for new and used vehicles, credit references (given only at the request of member), I.D. cards, quarterly statements, and the reconciliation of statements (for a nominal fee)

Loan Rates

Description Maximum Term Daily Periodic Rate Annual Percentage Rate
Personal Loan 12 Months .02191780821 As low as 8.00%*
24 Months .02260273972 As low as 8.25%*
36 Months .02328767123 As low as 8.50%*
48 Months .02397260273 As low as 8.75%*
Director’s Special
($3,000 Maximum)
12 Months .0109315 As low as 3.99%*
24 Months .01367123 As low as 4.99%*
100% Share Secured 72 Months .00545205479 1.99%
Certificate Secured 72 Months .00545205479 1.99%
New Vehicles +
48 Months .00545205479 As low as 1.99%*
60 Months .00545205479 As low as 1.99%*
72 Months .00545205479 As low as 1.99%*
+ New vehicles will be financed up to 100% of the sticker price / current and previous year untitled / not to exceed $55,000.00 / length of loan depends on $ amount financed.
Used Vehicles ++ 36 Months (Max term for  2010/2011) .01958904109 As low as 7.15%*
60 Months (Max term for 2012/2013) .01093150684 As low as 3.99%*
60 Months (Max term for 2020/2014) .00887671232 As low as 3.24%*
72 Months (Max term for 2020/2016) .00887671232 As low as 3.24%*
84 Months Maximum

Pleasure vehicle

.02465753424 As low as 9.00%*
++ Used vehicle maximum loan amount based on 100% of current NADA retail, including taxes. etc. / will finance up to 10 years old / not to exceed $45,000.00 / length of loan depends on year of vehicle and $ amount financed.

Pleasure Vehicle (boat, UTV, ATV, etc.): 100% of sticker price for new purchase or 100% of retail value for used purchase / length of loan depends on year of vehicle and $ amount financed / not to exceed $55,000.00.

* The rate you pay will be based on the number of years your loan is financed and your credit score. Rates are subject to change without notice. Contact the credit union for additional rates, terms, and payment calculator.

Credit Rates

Description Maximum Term Daily Periodic Rate Annual Percentage Rate
VISA Credit Card (No annual fee, $7,500 max.) 7.99% – 17.99%

Share Rates

Description Dividend APY* Specials
Primary Share Account .01% .01% none
Super Savers Account .03% .03% none
Vacation Club Account .01% .01% none
Christmas Club Account .01% .01% none
Youth Account .01% .01% none

There are no dividends paid on account balances below $100.00. All dividends paid are based on earnings and cannot be guaranteed beyond current period. APY* is accurate as of 12/31/2019.

Term Minimum Deposit APR** APY*
6 months $500.00 .05% .05%
12 months $500.00 .10% .10%
18 months $500.00 .50% .50%
36 months $2,500.00 .20% .20%
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Penalty for early withdrawal may be imposed. Early withdrawal may reduce earnings. APY* is accurate as of 12/31/2019.
* APY = Annual Percentage Yield
** APR = Annual Percentage Rate