Automotive Technology Scholarship Program: Dealer Participation Guidelines

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1) The GPADF will award automotive technology scholarships to qualified full-time students up to $5,500 each.

2) Participating GPADA/F dealers will make a tax deductible, matching contribution to the GPADF Scholarship Fund for up to $5,500 for each student participating in the program and working in their dealership(s) for a total scholarship of up to $11,000 per student.

3) Students must be interning or working in a GPADA Member Dealership in order to qualify for these scholarships.

4) Dealers will be selected by the students based on their preferred location, brand, dealership or other criteria. For students who have no preference, the scholarship opportunity will be made available to all GPADA dealers in the student’s region and the list of interested dealers will be provided to the students for their selection. The GPADA/F shall play no role in selecting participating dealerships.

5) Scholarships will be awarded based upon the following criteria, provided by the students’ schools:
A) Academics
B) Attendance
C) Technician Skills (i.e., hand skills, etc.)
D) Financial Need

*All of the above criteria being equal, preference will be given to students with the most financial need. Scholarship monies are applied to tuition and fees only.

6) Any other scholarships or financial aid available to the students shall be applied to the students’ tuition, books, etc. before the GPADF scholarship funds are applied.

7) In the event a student does not complete his/her education, any tuition refunds from the school shall be reimbursed half to the GPADF and half to the participating dealer. Any overpayment of tuition by the dealer to the GPADF shall also be refunded.