Membership Benefits

We are excited to share with you that the Association has undergone a transformation focused on providing more value-added services and resources to our members. Becoming a member means you have taken a step to tap into the power of an already established Association of successful Auto dealer members and the platform to raise your voice to affect change and influence within the Association and beyond.

Membership Benefits Include:

Listing on the GPADA web site with link to your company web address

Annual Membership Meeting & Dinner Party

Golf Outing

Dancing with the Cars Charity Preview, opening night of the Pittsburgh International Auto Show
Pittsburgh International Auto Show tickets
Dealer/Associate Member listing opportunity in the Auto Show Program/receive 2 Dancing with the Cars Charity Preview tickets per listing.
Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Event – GPADA provides a “Members Only” Comfort Zone tent just for members with premium food and beverage plus free parking beside the tent!

Second Tuesday audio message containing the latest industry information from CEO, John Putzier

Opportunity to use any of our five conference/classrooms for meetings or training
Monthly and Quarterly Auto Outlook AND our Annual Economic Impact Report

Both you and your employees (and family members) will be able to join/participate in the PATA Federal Credit Union, offering the best loan rates possible!


The GPADA has just launched its own Job Board/Resume Bank called which is a new platform that will make it easy and inexpensive for you to find the right person for any job in your dealership!

You would be part of the nomination / voting process of new and existing board members.

GPADA offers to members – DealerDocx – A turnkey solution to managing Deal Jackets, Repair Orders, and other documents. Secure pickups from your dealership are transported weekly to their facility for scanning. Documents are imported to the DealerDocx Cloud computing site making all of your documents text searchable.

Your dealership information would be downloaded onto GPADA website under your brand for site visitors to view while looking for a new or used vehicle.