Membership Benefits

We are excited to share with you that the Association has undergone a transformation focused on providing more value-added services and resources to our members. Becoming a member means you have taken a step to tap into the power of an already established Association of successful Auto dealer members and the platform to raise your voice to affect change and influence within the Association and beyond.

Membership Benefits Include:

Membership (Dealer) roster, minus email addresses

Listing on the GPADA web site by brand with link to your dealership site

An opportunity to attend the Annual Membership Meeting & Dinner Party

An opportunity to attend the Golf Outing

10 Pittsburgh International Auto Show tickets
Auto Show Program opportunity
Monthly video message containing the latest industry information from CEO, Lisa McIntyre

Opportunity to use any of our five conference/classrooms for meetings or training

Monthly and Quarterly Auto Outlook
Opportunity to co-sponsor technician scholarship students with us and be involved in all of our recruitment initiatives.

You would be part of the nomination / voting process of new and existing board members.

The GPADA offers our members opportunities with our premium partners:

  • ACV Auctions is a fully transparent, dealer-only wholesale vehicle marketplace. Move your wholesale without lifting a finger. Get comprehensive condition reports, individual 20-minute online auctions and thousands of buyers nationwide for a total wholesale inventory solution. Learn more about ACV Auctions here.
  • DealerDocx allows for fast, secure, high quality cloud-based document management. Take scanning and uploading off your plate, clear the piles of boxes our of your dealership and eliminate hours of paper work and prep for OEM audits. Accessing your documents is easy, fast and secure. Learn more about DealerDocX here.
  • Usource provides a comprehensive suite of energy consulting services to the members of the GPADA including renewable energy sourcing, energy procurement, energy efficiency, demand management, mobility services, and more. With a fact-based, comprehensive plan in place, your organization can achieve business and sustainability goals on time and on budget. Leverage our deep expertise in energy to successfully navigate the complexities of the energy market, ever-evolving technologies and regulatory environment. Learn more about Usource here.

We want you to get the best possible value out of your membership. The GPADA is here to serve our dealers. Let us know how we can help YOU.