About GPADA Member Services

As another benefit of membership, the GPADA has negotiated special rates and services for our Dealer and Associate members, such as:


Usource provides a comprehensive suite of energy consulting services to the members of the GPADA including renewable energy sourcing, energy procurement, energy efficiency, demand management, mobility services, and more. With a fact-based, comprehensive plan in place, your organization can achieve business and sustainability goals on time and on budget. Leverage our deep expertise in energy to successfully navigate the complexities of the energy market, ever-evolving technologies and regulatory environment.


Document pickup, cloud storage and shredding (repair orders, deal jackets, etc.) to get rid of all those file boxes stacked to the ceilings, or…

ACV Auctions

Real-time, 20 minute auctions for dealers to buy/sell wholesale vehicles from the ease and comfort of their smartphones, desktop or tablet, or…


Save on merchant processing with KeyBank. Key Merchant Services offers competitive pricing for accepting credit / debit and EBT transactions with no hidden fees or surprise surcharges. We’ve helped more than 30,000 businesses with payment processing, integrated payment solutions, cost management, and support with PCI-DSS compliance. See what we can do for you.

Stay tuned as we add more and more great services to your GPADA membership!

Lisa McIntyre, CEO